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We remain open for you!

Dear patients,


we are still open for you in times of Corona and look forward to your visit. Please cancel your appointment by phone or email if you feel ill.

Please wear a mouth-nose protection in the form of a FFP2 mask for safety in our premises, thank you!


Accompaniment by the partner in Covid times

As Corona cases have increased over time, we want to keep our waiting areas as empty as possible.


For you, this means in detail:

  • For all examinations, please only come alone.
  • Accept the offer of a telephone consultation to discuss further therapies.
  • Also for procedures such as follicular punctures and inseminations, please come individually to your respective appointments. Please understand these measures.
  • We will try to carry out our therapies with as few on-site appointments as possible.
  • Please have your partner wait outside the practice.
  • Please come to your appointment on time and please do not arrive before your time!


With these measures we want to try together to keep the risk of infection in our practice as low as possible. This is also in your interest! If you have cold symptoms, please let us know in advance by telephone!


And last but not least, stay healthy!

Your team at the Fertility Center Berlin

The desire to have our own child is part of our humanity.

The team at the Fertility Center Berlin is open to all people who wish to have children.

We care for heterosexual and same-sex couples, single women and transgender people with their desire to have children. Also couples with chronic infections, couples with cancer before chemotherapy and women who wish to have a fertility prophylaxis (so-called social freezing).

Your doctors from the Fertility Center Berlin

Prof. Dr. med. Heribert Kentenich – Dr. med. Gabriele Stief – Dr. med. Anette Siemann – Dr. med. Andreas Tandler-Schneider – Dr. med. Manja Krause – Dr. med. Verónica León Pérez – Dr. med. Julia Weblus – Isabelle von Plauen – Claudia Ehlert – Sabine Jansen (doctors are named from top left to bottom right).

Individual care

Our personal care for patients and couples by our doctors has always been a matter of course at our centre. The doctor you trust accompanies you during the diagnosis and treatment period and remains your contact person. An unfulfilled desire to have children can be a great burden; therefore, our fertility team is supported competently and sensitively by our psychologists. Please take a look at our team.

Successful treatment

Our pregnancy and birth rates after IVF/ICSI treatment or after a Kyrotransfer are well above the national average (German IVF Register). Our success is based on more than 20 years of cooperation between experienced doctors, biologists and the entire medical staff. Our aim is to achieve the best possible therapeutic outcome for our patients, without any burdensome or ineffective additional measures. Please take a look at our statistics.

Caring according to scientific standards

Infertility treatment has developed very positively in recent years. Our pregnancy rate is about 40% per transfer (link). For this high pregnancy rate we work in the laboratory for 7 days using the latest technologies such as embryoscope, vitrification and polar body diagnostics. Since 1999, as the Fertility Center Berlin, we have been continuously involved in national and international research in order to improve the quality of reproductive medicine and to be able to successfully care for our patients at the cutting edge of medicine.


The Fertility Center Berlin, as an owner-managed MVZ, is located on the grounds of the DRK Hospital Westend in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Our patients benefit from the close cooperation with the colleagues of the gynaecological clinic when operations such as laparoscopies, uterine endoscopies, removal of myomas or endometriosis treatments are necessary, as well as for obstetric issues. Feel free to take a look at the Endometriosis Centre.

Meet our team

The Fertility Center Berlin is a fertility practice. For us as a team, this means that we take care of the needs of people who want to become parents in a competent but sensitive way. And we hope that this attitude of Fertility Center Berlin will always be present for you. By the way, the best way to get to know us is our regular information evening.

Your doctors